Chapter 5: Dissection of Internal Abdomen

IMPORTANT NOTE: For diagrams, more detailed information, etc., please reference Guide to the Dissection of the Dog (DG), pages 154-168 and 170-182 (8th ed.).

This chapter is split into three parts:

  • Peritoneal Cavity and Inguinal Canal
  • Abdominal Viscera
  • Nerves and Vessels

Your mission is to work with your dissection teammates to complete all three parts of this dissection in the allotted amount of time associated with the internal abdomen dissection. All terms in bold font that are not italicized are fair game for quizzes and exams. (Italicized terms are for your information only and are not testable information.) 

Click this link to access the complete Dissection of Internal Abdomen learning objectives and terms list; this material can also be found on the course Canvas site.


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