User Policies and Guidelines

1 Policies and Guidelines at a Glance

The University of Minnesota Libraries makes this platform available to you at no cost. In order to ensure the platform’s stability, sustainability, and success, we request that users understand and adhere to the basic set of guidelines outlined below.

These guidelines are subject to change. Email Publishing Services if you have questions.

    1. All users must have an active University of Minnesota affiliation in order to create an account and begin a project. Read more about accounts.
    2. All users should only upload and publish content owned by them, or third-party content that they have permission or a license to reuse or that falls under fair use. Read more about copyright.
    3. Users are permitted to choose any license for their work. Read more about licensing.
    4. The selection of featured works on the site is made at the Library’s discretion. In order for a book to be featured on the site and be eligible for publishing-related services, it should be openly licensed, allow for derivative works, and be intended for use in the classroom. The Library retains discretion to feature works that are not openly licensed. Read more about featured works.
    5. We expect users to stay within reasonable storage limits for uploaded content. Read more about storage.
    6. We encourage users to maximize the accessibility of their published works. Read more about accessibility.
    7. The Library will not automatically provide the following publishing-related services available for books:
        • Assignment of an ISBN
        • Creation of a MARC record
        • Listing and/or indexing on the campus site and in the library catalog
        • Editorial and production work, such as proofreading, copy editing, and formatting
        • Web-related services, such as web development and website administration
        • Listing the book in the Directory of Open Access Books(DOAB)

      If you need any of the services listed above, please contact Publishing Services to request a consultation.

    8. Users are responsible for managing their own Pressbooks accounts. Users who leave the University and wish to retain access to their accounts should make appropriate plans for transferring account ownership and files as necessary (read more about adding book collaborators and migrating files).


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