There are a lot of reasons why planning falls by the wayside. You may be picking up a course at the last minute. You may have a family emergency. There may be a global pandemic. And that last one isn’t even the dramatic what-if scenario we’d all like it to be. There’s a reason the last section of “Planning” is all about disaster-proofing.

All of those reasons are valid and usually beyond your control, and yet thoughtful preparations – and the time to make them – are probably the most important means to a successful adoption of educational technology. Which is to say, do what you can. Even if you are not able to spend a great deal of time planning in advance, it’s worth reading through this section (and in particular the material on “Your Course,” “Your Students,” and “Disaster-Proofing”) to get a sense of the potential pitfalls ahead of you – and some potential solutions that you may need to implement on the fly.

If you have the time, really invest in your planning process. Planning is the most in-depth and detailed section of this guide and it really is the best and most reliable way to have a successful experience with a digital tool.

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