ESI – March 2024 – Day 1

Day 1: March 5



Session Lead

11:00 Welcome and introductions

Q&A on intro video

Share survey to gather questions for day three recap

11:30 Exploring different review methodologies Sarah
12:00 Break
12:15 Reproducibility, transparent methods, and pre-registration Amy
12:45 Evidence synthesis steps and librarians as co-investigators Molly
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 Systematic review guidelines/checklists/reporting standards Amy
2:30 Introduction to protocols and protocol registration Zahra
3:00 Break

Please fill out this quick survey in preparation for tomorrow:

3:15 Debrief with your discipline cohort


What experience do you already have w/ systematic reviews? Have you ever registered a protocol? Have you ever worked on a PRISMA flow diagram or completed a PRISMA checklist?

Do you find that your users are confused about the various review types?

Disciplinary-wise, what protocol templates would be most useful for your scholars? What reporting guidelines are used in your discipline? What protocol registries exist?


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