August 2021 Institute

Day 1 Agenda

August 3rd, 2021 (All Times Eastern)

Time Topic
11:00 AM – Welcome and Introductions (Google Slides)

Q &A on Working with a Librarian on evidence synthesis (video)


11:30 AM Exploring different review methodologies (Google Slides)

Exploring Different Review Methodologies (Video)

Living Systematic Reviews (Video)

12:00 PM Break
12:15 Reproducibility, transparent methods, and pre-registration (Google Slides)

Reproducibility and Transparent Methods (Video)

12:45 Evidence Synthesis Steps (Google Slides) and librarians as co-investigators
1:00 Systematic review guidelines/checklists/reporting standards (Google Slides)

Guidelines and Reporting Standards (video)

2:00 Introduction to protocols and protocol registration (Google Slides)

Open Science Framework

3:15 Debrief with your discipline cohort

  • Introductions
  • What experience do you already have w/ systematic reviews? Have you ever registered a protocol? Have you ever worked on a PRISMA flow diagram or completed a PRISMA checklist?
  • Do you find that your users are confused about the various review types?
  • Disciplinary-wise, what protocol templates would be most useful for your scholars? What reporting guidelines are used in your discipline? What protocol registries exist?

Day 2 Agenda

August 4, 2021

All times in Eastern



11:00 AM Formulating a research question (Google Slides)

Formulating a Research Question (video)

11:30 AM Frameworks and eligibility criteria (Google Slides)
12:00 PM Break
12:15 PM The reference interview: how to have a conversation with a review team
1:00 PM Lunch break
2:00 PM Selecting databases for evidence synthesis (Google Slides)

Databases and Search Strategies (video)

2:15 PM Search Strategies part 1 (Google Slides)Citation management for evidence synthesis

Article screening tools and processes

3:30 PM Debrief with discipline cohorts

  • What frameworks have you used?
  • If a researcher comes to you and says, I want to do a review on _____vague discipline-relevant topic____, what would you ask in the reference interview? How have these conversations gone for you previously? Have you had to redirect patrons to a different type of review?
  • Reminder of search draft homework.

Agenda Day 3

August 5, 2021

All times Eastern

Time Topic
11:00 AM  Search strategies part 2 (Google Slides)
1:00 PM Lunch break
2:00 PM Grey literature (Google Slides)

Grey Literature (video)

2:45 PM Break
3:00 PM  Writing the methods section (Google Slides)
3:15 PM  PRISMA Flow Diagrams
3:30 PM Debrief with discipline cohorts

  • What databases do you use most frequently in your discipline?
  • How comfortable are you with using the advanced search features of the various platforms?
  • What are the major sources of grey lit in your field? How do you discover or access those items?
  • Facilitator demonstrates a past/current review topic and how they approached the search strategy
  • How do you plan to stay informed about evidence synthesis literature searching in your discipline/s?

Day 4

Breakout sessions

Starting a service (Google Slides)

What to do about studies that met the criteria but have been retracted? (Google Slides)

Automation (Google Slides)

Peer review of search strategies (Google Slides)

Evidence Synthesis Reviews in Library Science (Google Slides)

Advanced Google Scholar searching (Google Slides)


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