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General resources

Tools, software and platforms

Selecting type of review

Critical appraisal (and reviewing qualitative research)

Guidelines and standards

Protocol templates

Inclusion/exclusion criteria

Library evidence synthesis services, workshops and outreach

The reference interview

Searching and translating

Communities and support for evidence synthesis



General resources

Zotero Library


Cornell’s Evidence Synthesis LibGuide


Disciplinary norms: Characteristics of systematic reviews in the social sciences:


Foster, M., Jewell, S., & Ebrary, Inc. (2017). Assembling the pieces of a systematic review : A guide for librarians (Medical Library Association books). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.


Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: A Campbell Collaboration Online Course


Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – MOOC from Johns Hopkins


Evidence Synthesis Service Proposal documents from Princeton University


Planning Worksheet for Structured Literature Reviews


Airtable for Systematic Search Tracking at the University of Michigan (tools and recorded webinar)

Tools, software and platforms

SR Toolbox

Selecting type of review

Cornell University Library Review Decision Tree 


Guiding questions for research question development


What review is right for you  


Grant, M.J. and Booth, A. (2009), A typology of reviews: an analysis of 14 review types and associated methodologies. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 26: 91-108.

Critical appraisal (and reviewing qualitative research)

Joanna Briggs Institute Critical Appraisal Tools


Book on qualitative meta synthesis, including validation


Quality Assessment and Risk of Bias Tool Repository


Guidelines and standards



PRISMA-P (for protocols)






An integrative framework for planning and conducting Non-Intervention, Reproducible, and Open Systematic Reviews (NIRO-SR)


Joanna Briggs Institute Manual


Campbell MECCIR


Cochrane MECIR


PRISMA-S (Search Extension)


PRISMA-ScR (Scoping Review Extension)


Equator Network


For Software Engineering

Protocol templates

Evidence synthesis protocol template


Inclusive Systematic Review Registration Form

Inclusion/exclusion criteria

A handout on common inclusion/exclusion criteria:

Library evidence synthesis services, workshops and outreach

Intake form from University of Minnesota:


Intake form from Cornell University:


Cornell’s tiers of service:


University of Victoria tiers of service


A Model for Developing and Implementing a Systematic Review Service for Disciplines outside of the Health Sciences


SR workshop series lesson plans at U Calgary


Cornell has done a couple of university-wide introductory workshops. One recording:


Workshop descriptions:

The reference interview

Systematic review timeline


Negotiating co-authorship: ICMJE Authorship guidelines


OER for grad students:


Planning Worksheet for Structured Literature Reviews

Searching and translating

Search translation guide


Library of Search Strategy Resources


Date filters for updating searches


Cochrane syntax translation guide:


Preprint repository syntax guide:


Low and Middle Income Countries search filters


ISSG geographic filters


Search filters vs. Search hedge


Big directory of subject specific repositories can be searched here:


Open DOAR: Directory of Open Access Repositories


Language for addressing antiquated, non-standard, exclusionary, and potentially offensive terms in evidence syntheses and systematic searches


UX Caucus Database Tips

Systematic Search Practice Sets

Communities and support for evidence synthesis

ACRL Evidence Synthesis Methods SIG


Evidence Synthesis Hackathon


Campbell Collaboration and other association collaborators host periodic events called What Works Global Summit.


International Conference on Grey Literature


Mentorship program link:


Medical Library Association Expert Searching Listserv



Project management task sheet for evidence synthesis projects:


Search result numbers and deduplication tracking sheet (for use with Covidence).


PRISMA examples document


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