Code of Conduct

Evidence Synthesis Institute Code of Conduct

The Evidence Synthesis Institute organizers are committed to providing a virtual learning environment that is supportive, safe, and harassment-free. All participants are expected to follow this Code of Conduct (CoC) and communicate via an anonymous form if any violations are to be reported. The form will be actively monitored throughout the institute.

The following was written by the organizers of Software and Data Carpentry workshops at the University of Florida and has a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. The ES Institute organizers also acknowledge the historical and ongoing discrimination of the marginalized.

We recognize that individuals and groups in our community are subject to historical and ongoing discrimination. It is the responsibility of everyone who participates in our events to respect and be mindful of these characteristics that have been the basis of harassment or discrimination. Such characteristics include, but are not limited to: gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, body size, citizenship, nationality, ethnic or social origin, medical and familial status, veteran status, religion or belief (or lack thereof), age, education, socio-economic status, and experience level. Again, we do not tolerate harassment on the basis of these categories, or in any form. – UF Carpentries Club’s Code of Conduct 

Expected behavior

White attending the ES Institute, we expect empathy, kindness, courtesy, and respect toward others. In this shared virtual learning environment, please give other attendees opportunities to talk and contribute to discussions and activities and refrain from repeated interruptions and disruptions.

Recognize the differences between intentions and impact. Make efforts to apologize and correct actions when necessary.

Unacceptable behavior

The ES institute organizers consider unacceptable behavior to include threatening and demeaning comments as well as comments related to “gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religious or political beliefs; sexual or discriminatory images in online spaces; deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography, screenshots or recording; sustained disruption of

talks or other events, and unwelcome sexual attention” (UF Carpentries Club). Attendees should also refrain from maliciousness including name-calling, singling out, deriding, or excluding.

Reporting and Enforcement

A reporting form has been created for the purposes of this CoC. Please use this form to submit violations during the institute.

If the Institute organizers receive reports during the Institute that are in violation of any of the unacceptable behaviors listed above, the violating individual/s will be asked to stop harassing or discriminatory behavior (in which immediate compliance is expected) or the individual/s will be (virtually) removed for the duration of the Institute.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please contact the conference organizers: Megan Kocher, Amy Riegelman, Julia Kelly, Kate Ghezzi-Kopel, or Sarah Young.

License & Acknowledgments

This document is distributed under a CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons license.

This CoC was inspired by multiple community Codes of Conduct, including The Carpentries Code of Conduct (CC BY-SA 3.0) and eLife’s Code of Conduct (CC BY).


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