Lesson Recap and Review (III)

Class Discussion

After each group has presented their section, write the key points given by each group on the board, and discuss what the students took away from the activity.

      • As a class piece together a brief history of the development of the area:

Who lived in SW MPLS at various times?

Who lives there now?

What were the actions (mechanisms) used to change the residents of this area?

      • Based on the information you collected from this resource, what similarities can you draw between the experience of indigenous peoples and black residents less than a century later? Differences?
        • Why is it important to recognize both the similarities and differences of these experiences? What can we establish by seeing patterns in history? What can be lost by lumping groups together without recognizing their unique experience?
      • How have you learned about this before?
      • I ask students to write down what they have learned about the history of who has lived in the area we now call Minneapolis. I also ask them to write down what else they would like to learn.


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