Mapping Prejudice: An Overview

Introduction: The Mapping Prejudice Curriculum

The lessons in this book are companions to the Mapping Prejudice project and its research. The curriculum book is meant to offer educators a tool for incorporating discussion of race, property, and inequality into the classroom in a powerful and digestible way for students. In the spirit of Mapping Prejudice, the lessons in this curriculum start with understanding this history. Mapping Prejudice is a project firmly grounded in our belief that in order to understand and repair the present, we have to understand its origins in the past. You will find a variety of lessons in this book beginning with direct explantation of Mapping Prejudice and its research, flowing out to other related lessons on the topic of race and place. This book is a collaborative effort between Mapping Prejudice and educators. We are always looking to expand and refine our curriculum and pedagogy, if you are an educator interesting in contributing from your experience please contact us.


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