Table 4. Research Support of Participating Faculty Members


This table provides evidence of the strength of the research environment, the availability of funds to support research conducted by the trainees, and the appropriateness of the participating faculty in terms of their active research support.


For each faculty member, list the following:

  1. Faculty Member. List participating faculty members in alphabetical order by last name, in the format Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial.
  2. Funding Source. List the funding source as NIH, AHRQ, NSF, Other Federal (Other Fed), University (Univ), Foundation (Fdn), None, or Other. If none, state “None.” Exclude applications pending review, administrative or competitive supplements, and awards in no-cost extension status. (xTRACT users should note that the system will autopopulate grants that fit these criteria.)
  3. Grant Number. For each participating faculty member, provide the full grant number for the currently active research grant support in which the faculty member has a role of PD/PI or, in the case of a multi-project grant or cooperative agreement, Project or Core Lead. If the source of the research support is part of a multi-project grant or cooperative agreement (e.g., P01, P50, U10, U19, U54), provide the relevant information only for that component for which the faculty member is responsible. Include research grants from all sources that will provide the context for the planned research training experiences. Exclude institutional research training grants, institutional career development grants, and research education grants.
  4. Role on Project. Provide the role of the faculty member on the research project grant (i.e., PD/PI). In the case of a multi-project grant or cooperative agreement, where faculty members may be leading projects or cores, enter the role, “Project Lead.”
  5. Grant Title. Provide the Grant Title.
  6. Project Period. List the inclusive dates of the entire project period (in the format MM/YYYY-MM/YYYY).
  7. Current Year Direct Costs. Provide the direct costs for the current budget period. For grants in the following categories, report direct costs according to the instructions, below:
    • Multi-PD/PI awards – Divide the direct costs by the number of PD/PIs, and report the result.
    • Multi-year awards (e.g., DP3) – Divide the direct costs by the number of years of the award, and report the result.
    • Multi-component awards (those with subprojects) – Report the costs associated with the subproject(s) for which the faculty member is responsible.

In the last row, calculate and provide the average grant support per participating faculty member. xTRACT users should note that the system will automatically calculate and report the correct costs for multi-PD/PI and multi-year awards and determine the average grant support per participating faculty member.

Summarize these data in the Program Plan (Program Faculty Section) of the Research Training Program Plan. Analyze the data in terms of total and average grant support. Comment on the inclusion of faculty without research grant support in the proposed training program and explain how the research of trainees who may work with these faculty members would be supported.

Table 4: Medical School Guidance

Pre-fill table 4 with all the mentors and several blank rows beneath each name. Send table to participating mentors and their support staff (see PRF approval chain google sheet for contacts within departments) to complete and return. Review completed tables received from mentors for compliance with NIH Table 4 guidelines.

Sample Table 4

Research Support of Participating Faculty Members

Faculty Member Funding Source Grant Number Role on Project Grant Title Project Period Current Year Direct Costs
Jones, Janine L. NIH 1 R01 GM76259-01 PD/PI Structure and Function of Acetylcholine Receptors 06/2014-05/2018 $190,000
Jones, Janine L. NIH 5 K08 AI00091-03 PD/PI Purification & Identification of Receptors 11/2012-11/2017 $140,000
Ehlers, Roger G. Univ PD/PI University start-up funds 08/2014-07/2017 $350,000
Mack, Thomas R. Fdn PD/PI Control of Angiogenesis 03/2011-02/2015 $185,000
Mack, Thomas R. NSF PCM 80-12935 PD/PI Cell Culture Center 12/2012-11/2015 $180,000
Mack, Thomas R. NIH 1 P01 HL71802-05 Project PI Subproject 4: Oncogenic Kit Receptor Signaling in vivo 10/2011-09/2015 $165,000
Smith, James P. None
Zachary, Andrew NIH 1 U01 AI28507-02 PD/PI Human Monoclonal Antibodies as a Therapy for Staphylococcal Enterotoxin 07/2013-06/2018 $200,000
Average Grant Support per Participating Faculty Member $282,000


Medical School Guidance for Completing NIH T32 Training Grant Tables Copyright © 2022 by MS Pre-Award; Jessica Chiovitte; and Jordan Webb. All Rights Reserved.

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