Part 1: Skinning Your Cadaver

Abby Brown

  1. Choose ONE hind limb (L or R) to dissect. Remove the skin from the chosen hind limb and caudal trunk as directed in the text (DG pg. 52), but instead of skinning to the tarsus, remove the skin all the way down to the level of the metatarsus, including removal of the metatarsal pad; you do not need to skin the individual toes, but be sure to skin down to the level of the metatarsophalangeal joints. (Be careful not to cut too deeply!)
    • Remove any remaining cutaneous muscles with the skin.
    • Leave vessels and nerves on the cadaver whenever possible.
    • The skin can either be left attached along the dorsal midline, or removed and discarded.
  2. Observe the abundant fascia on the specimen after the skin has been removed. Identify the fascia lata on the craniolateral side of the thigh region. This fascia is quite thick and serves as an aponeurotic insertion for thigh muscles. (See DG Fig. 2-41)

Related Learning Objective

  • D2.2 Identify the fascia lata and list the major muscles attaching to it; describe clinical relevance of the fascia lata.

Dissection Videos for this Section of Material

Skinning the Pelvic Limb:



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