Abby Brown

Welcome to Anatomy I! This Dissection Lab Guide is meant to help you navigate through your first semester of anatomy, which covers the anatomy of dogs and cats. This guide gives you step-by-step instructions to follow as you perform your dissection of dog and cat cadavers during in-person anatomy lab sessions. It is adapted from, and meant to be used in conjunction with, the Evans & de Lahunta, Guide to the Dissection of the Dog (abbreviated as DG within this text). The diagrams (and page numbers) referenced within this text are from the 8th edition of Guide to the Dissection of the Dog. 

However, please note that this course takes a regional approach to each dissection and does not strictly follow the dissection directions outlined in the Guide to the Dissection of the Dog. Each chapter of this guide will focus on one region of the body, within which you will dissect the relevant muscles, arteries, veins, nerves, and other associated structures and tissues before moving on to the next region. This lab guide also includes notes about specific differences that will be seen in the cat versus the dog.


Dissection Lab Guide for Dog and Cat Anatomy Copyright © by Abby Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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