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How to use this short course

One of the main tenets of this short course is to show that having academic integrity is contextual. An important piece of this is what academic integrity means in their discipline.

This short course is available for instructors to assign as

  • a resource by linking to this short course in Canvas or other means. This option gives students the opportunity to enroll in a separate Canvas course to receive a certificate of completion.
  • an assignment, by importing the short course from Canvas Commons into their Canvas course. The certificate of completion quiz would be a

As a companion to these modules, we have outlined suggested activities and discussion questions to use to help you and your students develop an understanding of what academic integrity looks like in your course.


  • Take class time to work through the scenarios in the short course, or in the certificate quiz. Have students discuss what they found surprising.
  • Work through examples of scholastic dishonesty with students.
  • From Yale’s Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, As a writing experiment, ask students to plagiarize a passage from the course readings on purpose and then discuss the specific ways in which this work is out of bounds.

Discussion Questions

These questions are designed to work in either an in-person or online environment.

  • What does having academic integrity look like in this course? What about in your major?
  • What academic practices of integrity differ from those in the “real world”?
  • Why do we concentrate so much on citations in this class?
  • What is one thing you learned about academic integrity in these modules? What is one thing that is still fuzzy or unclear?


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