Learn about citations

Citation is one of the tools that scholars use in their scholarly conversations.

Proper citation and attribution practices, no matter the style, makes the conversation easier, and more clear for scholars.

Before you start learning about why attribution and citation practices are important, you may want to spend more time learning about citations.


  • indicate which ideas are taken from others
  • from whom those ideas were taken
  • give credit where credit is due
  • allow researchers to find, read, and comment on each others’ sources

Select the image or link below to view a tutorial on citations. Come back to this page when you are done.


There are a number of different citations styles and guides that you will encounter at the University.  The University Libraries has created a guide to help you find citation resources. These resources can help you keep your sources organized when you are doing research.

Now that you know more about citations, let’s look closer at in-text citations →


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