University Resources

It is okay to ask for help.

Part of becoming a good scholar and having the values of academic integrity is knowing when to ask for help. Here are some resources available to support you:


Effective U

Short online tutorials on essential skills like time management, stress management and building good study habits.

Research Tutorials

If you are learning how to do college research for the first time, you may find these tutorials from the University Libraries – Twin Cities helpful.

The Libraries also can help you learn more about citations and help you choose a citation manager.


Student Success Center

Crookston’s student Success Center offers a number of different student success resources


Academic Writing & Learning Center

The Academic Writing and Learning Center provides academic courses and services designed to help all members of the Duluth campus community reach their academic and professional goals.

Bulldog Resource Center

The Bulldog Resource Center is a connection point to student success services.


Writing Center

The Writing Center offers students the opportunity to meet with one of their consultants (either a fellow student or an English instructor) about their writing. They can work with students on specific papers/assignments and on writing in general.

Office of Academic Success

The Office of Academic Success offers Morris students services in academic advising, disability resources, academic assistance, tutoring and peer assisted learning, and success coaching assist students to achieve their goals.


The University of Minnesota – Rochester has services like JustASK and Student Success Coachees to help students succeed.


Twin Cities

Academic Support Centers

The University’s Academic Support Centers provide numerous FREE academic success services and resources for undergraduate students.  These include tutoring, writing, media, and research.

Peer Research Consultants

Peer Research Consultants (PRCs) are students with strong academic records and writing skills, trained to help you with your research papers or assignments. PRCs can also help you get started with faculty-sponsored research.

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