Welcome to Anatomy II! This Application Guide is meant to help you navigate through the second semester of anatomy, which covers the anatomy of bovine and equine (i.e., ungulates). This guide provides the application objectives and an outline of the notes for these objectives. This is meant to be used alongside the application videos. Much of the content provided was originally developed by Victor Cox, and then edited/revised by Abby Brown, Christina Clarkson, and Roxanne Larsen. Many referenced diagrams are from the TVA (Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy, Dyce et al.), Bovine Anatomy (Budras & Habel), Anatomy of the Horse (Budras, Sack, Rock), and illustrated guides from Mansour, Steiss, and Wilhite while others are sourced from images available online. Dr. Erin Malone has allowed embedded links to the Large Animal Surgery course eBook materials.

Similar to carnivore anatomy, this course takes a regional approach to learning the anatomy of ungulates. This material includes comparisons to carnivore anatomy, in addition to other large animal species you may see in your veterinary career.

The following terms will be used in this guide:

Ruminant (even-toed ungulate mammal that chews the cud regurgitated from its rumen; e.g., cattle, sheep, deer).

Bovine, Cattle, Ox are used interchangeably in this content.

Equine (one-toed/odd-toed ungulate) and horse are used interchangeably in this content.

Camelid (e.g., camels, alpacas, llamas) and pig (i.e., swine, porcine, domestic pig) comparative anatomy is also provided.

NOTE: Application and Dissection terms are bolded, Clinical Notes are bold and red in this eBook

Revised Spring 2024 by T. Clark

This eBook is continually revised as the course changes, errors are found, or clinical correlates are added. This is meant to be used alongside the DVM curriculum at the University of Minnesota and its affiliated programs.


CVM Large Animal Anatomy Copyright © by rlarsen. All Rights Reserved.

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