This book was a combined effort of many. I’d like to thank the following:

  • Dr. Emily Barrell
  • Dr. Erin Burton
  • Dr. Colleen Carter
  • Dr. Julie Churchill
  • Dr. John Fetrow
  • Dr. Kristi Flynn
  • Dr. Jake Geis
  • Dr. Sandra Godden
  • Dr. Tim Goldsmith
  • Dr. Gary Goldstein
  • Dr. Ann Goplen
  • Dr. Kerry Kuhle
  • Dr. Alli Linn
  • Dr. Sue Lowum
  • Dr. Scott Madill
  • Dr. Erin Malone
  • Dr. Julie Ponder
  • Dr. Rob Porter
  • Dr. Jerry Shurson
  • Dr. Tim Snider
  • Dr. Ulrike Sorge
  • Dr. Montse Torremorrel
  • Kate Varns, CPDT-KA
  • Dr. Christie Ward
  • Dr. Bob Weedon
  • Dr. Sara Wefel
  • Dr. Cindy Wolf
  • Scott Wood, PharmD
  • Dr. Perle Zhitnitskiy
  • Cecilia Payne at Valkyrie Artworks Graphic Design
  • And the many students who have improved these notes over the years through their writing, suggestions, and addition of resources.

Margaret Root Kustritz


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