21 I heart Google Scholar

Google Scholar search page.Lots of students love Google scholar. If you haven’t met Google scholar yet — give it a try. When you do a search you get results that are articles not websites. Overall, the librarians, think of Google Scholar as a solid research tool. It doesn’t search ALL the sources that are available through the Libraries website but it is good if you are looking for a big search tool. It is a multidisciplinary tool – which means it search many subjects at once like science, education, business, social sciences, etc. Google Scholar is one tool in your research toolbox. Over time, you will add new search tools for your major and courses.

One frustration (#OMGIAMFrustrated) is that the results go to publishers website and ask for $$ for articles. NEVER pay for articles! We should either have it or be able to get them for you (part of your tuition dollars). You can actually set Google Scholar up so it connects directly to the full text

1.) Click on Google Scholar on the Libraries homepage (lib.umn.edu) — then Google Scholar knows you are part of the UMN.

arrow pointing to the link to Google Scholar in the popular databases box at lib.umn.edu

2.) Or update your Google Scholar “settings.” Go to “settings” then select “Library links.” Search for University of Minnesota. Fill in the “University of Minnesota Twin Cities – FindIt @U of M Twin Cities” check box. Click Save. Then in your results you will see links to “Find it” which links you to the full text of sources.

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