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Hello new gophers,

We welcome you to this adventure! A Gopher library adventure! Library adventures are the best adventures, right? Okay, maybe not but here we are. We promise it will be fun (or #FunEnough)!

This is a choose YOUR own adventure sort of adventure. Do you know how this works? There is no one path or right way through this adventure — instead meander, wander and click around.

This adventure will give you tips and tricks and tools as you get to know the HUGE University of Minnesota Libraries and website. Our online books, newspapers, magazines, journals and more are paid for by YOU! Yes, you! Your tuition dollars $$$! So take advantage of it. You can do this whole adventure from your phone or laptop. You do NOT need to go into our buildings. Instead — the website ( will get you a lot of what you need.

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Ready to go? Yes, start my #GopherLibraryAdventure


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