4 Bigger brain is good

Great, your brain is growing already. Do you know about online “academic” books? Most of the books in the Libraries are written by researchers and scholars. They are somewhat different from many of the books in a public or high school library.

Why are books useful for #GopherResearch? 

  • Books (or book chapters) are helpful at the beginning of learning about a topic.
  • Books (or book chapters) give a big overview and help give context around an issue.
  • Journal articles are often very specific and only talk about one aspect of a biggest topic.
  • You usually don’t need to read the whole thing (#OMGWayTooLong) — instead pick one of the most relevant or interesting chapters. It is basically the same length as an article. Then “cite” the chapter in your bibliography.

Choose an option to move forward.

Option 1: Fancy! but how do I find them?

Option 2: Um…I am not really into books


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