9 Beyond books

Not into books, huh? How about streaming documentaries? You can look for a specific title in the big search box on the homepage or you can scroll through the options in our video collections like these:

  • Kanopy Streaming has a wide variety of award-winning films and documentaries.
  • Filmakers Library Online provides award-winning documentaries on race and gender studies, human rights, globalization and global studies, multiculturalism, the environment and more.

Kanopy search screen.

Or maybe opera is more your JAM…get it…jam! #DumbLibraryJoke. Try Music Online: Opera in Video with the most commonly studied operas in music history, opera literature, and performance classes (#MusicMajorsForever).

Choose an option to move forward.

Option 1: You had me at opera

Option 2: I think I am done now


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