Appendix: Policies, Regulations and Accreditation 

University policies, federal and state regulations, and accreditation standards are all important considerations for online courses and programs, and information related to these are contained in other documents, as described in this section.

Policies that might impact your teaching

Faculty, staff, and students are required to comply with University policies. For descriptions and links out to the policies that are relevant to online teaching, please see the University of Minnesota Online Teaching Policies document. By contrast, the Guidelines provide best practices and examples that assist in developing compliant strategies.

Federal & State Regulations for Online Programs

Please see the University of Minnesota Guide to Federal and State Requirements for Online Programs document for descriptions and links to federal and state requirements for Online programs.


Accreditation bodies, such as the Higher Learning Commission and various other professional accreditation bodies, have expectations and requirements that are germane to online programs and courses. It is not the purpose of this document to identify the various professional accreditation bodies and their requirements, but simply to raise awareness or provide reminders of their existence and importance.


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