6 Student Support

The U of M provides many resources to support students who are studying online. As an instructor, feel free to share these resources below with your students.

Examples of support are the following:

Technical Support

The University of Minnesota provides technology support for all technologies that are centrally licensed, including email and the course management system. Students on all campuses can access this support 24/7 on all campuses, by email, phone chat and in person campus tech stops. Adding a statement like the one below in your syllabus can help students understand where to go for technical support.

Example: Technical Support Statement

Technical Support

Students are responsible for accessing technological resources necessary for successful completion of academic responsibilities and assignments. The University of Minnesota provides technical resources in computer labs and tech stops across the campus. Tech support is available in person, through online chat, email, phone and text services.IT Help is available 24/7 seven days a week. The UMN IT Help website  provides information for all campuses about support resources. Visit the website or email them at help@umn.edu.

Support for Academic Success

You may want to add information about Academic Support Centers at the University of Minnesota to your syllabus.

These centers share a common goal of supporting student success.  Services include peer tutoring, writing support, research support, and success skill-building. Several support centers provide online services that help strengthen subject comprehension, build learning skills, and provide an opportunity for one-to-one academic support for online students.

Adding a statement like the one below to your syllabus can help students tap into available support resources on your campus.

Example: Student Services and Resources Statement

Student Services and Resources

The University of Minnesota Academic Success Services offer a range of excellent resources. Please contact the Center for Writing, or the Libraries for assistance with research and writing skills.


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