9 Establishing Technology Expectations

Your online course is conducted in a learning management system (e.g., Canvas), and students will need a minimum set of digital skills, an Internet connection, and a working device in order to complete the course requirements. You can provide support for students and set expectations by including  statements like the one below in your syllabus.


Technical Support

Students are responsible for accessing technological resources necessary for successful completion of academic responsibilities and assignments. The University of Minnesota provides technical resources in computer labs and tech stops across the campus. Tech support is available in person, through online chat, email, phone and text services. Call (612) 301-4357 (on campus, dial 1-HELP), email help@umn.edu or go to the UMN IT help website for more information.

Canvas Support

Canvas is the course management system at the University of Minnesota. Support can be contacted through general tech support services or directly at canvas@umn.edu. Click on Canvas Student Guides for more information.

Technology Requirements and Skills

All students are expected to have a minimum ability to use the following technologies: online course site navigation, discussion participation and assignment submission, tools such as the following; word processor, slides, online meeting and presentation tools as indicated by the instructor. Technical support, text directions, and video tutorials can be found through the UMN IT help site. Your personal technology resources should be current enough to let you access and use these technologies. On campus computer labs and learning spaces are available.



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