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Alignment in Objectives

Alignment in your online course can mean many things. Of course, you want to ensure that your course objectives align with your module objectives. You also want to be sure that course content, learning activities and assessments align with your objectives. A periodic review (with a peer or instructional designer) of your objectives, content, activities, and assessments is especially important in the online environment where clarity of communication is so essential. For more information see the Carnegie Mellon University guidelines for writing effective learning objectives.

Alignment in Terminology

For communication clarity, check your terminology for consistency across every page and activity in your course. Do your assignments have the same title in the syllabus, schedule, discussion, and assignments? Do your assignment directions have the same general language and headers throughout? For example, does your “Reflection 1” assignment called the same name (versus “Self-Reflection 1”, etc.) across each of the following documents in your course site? Checking for alignment in terminology can enhance effective online communication and instruction.

Syllabus Schedule Assignment directions Weekly modules Communication to class
Reflection 1 Reflection 1 Reflection 1 Reflection 1 Reflection 1

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