23 Course Media Effective Practice 

When creating or finding media for your course, consider these best practices for effective use of media:

  • Engaging: Capture your unique perspectives, insight, experiences with the concepts. Share real life anecdotes and examples; tell stories.
  • Granular: Pare content down to its essence, in small separate parts.
  • Short: Keep media to approximately 6 minutes for Optimal Video Length for Student Engagement
  • Modular: Cover one core topic at a time.
  • Reusable: Omit information that is likely to become dated, e.g., elements like book chapters or modules in the course.
  • High Quality: Make use of a script or outline to guide the presentation.
  • Aligned: Relate your media back to the course learning objectives/assignments.
  • Sustainable: Present sustainable topics that are not likely to change over time.

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