29 Managing Administrative and Technical Details

The University of Minnesota provides support, guides and training for faculty on the managerial and technical aspects of online teaching.

IT Support

IT Help is available 24/7 seven days a week. The UMN IT Help website  provides information for all campuses about phone, email, in person and chat support resources. Visit the website for support contacts or email them at help@umn.edu.

Submitting Grades

Academic Support Resources and IT provide directions on how and when to export grades from Canvas into the PeopleSoft student reports system.

For technical issues downloading the CSV file(s), contact Technology Help (help@umn.edu; 612-301-4357).

For technical issues uploading the CSV files into PeopleSoft, contact Academic Support Resources (ASR) srhelp@umn.edu or call 612-625-2803.


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