22 Course Technology Selection and Usage

Select course technologies that 1) provide an accessible user experience (the system is easy to use by the most students possible without modification) and 2) enable active learning and engagement with the course content. You can search for directions provided by UMN IT websites.

Selecting centrally-licensed tools that have already been approved by the campus academic technology governance bodies (including those that have been integrated into Canvas) is the best way to ensure these criteria are met.

Non-University Supported Technology Considerations

If you choose to select tools that are not supported by the University, use caution and consider these factors:

  • Ensure the technology won’t sell student data to other vendors
  • Consider whether it requires students to sign up for additional accounts and whether those accounts are secure and private
  • Ensure the application is accessible to all students

All Technologies (UMN supported or not)

Course technologies should be chosen in a manner that:

  1. aligns with the instructional goal
  2. minimizes risks to student data privacy
  3. are accessible
  4. are reasonably easy to use
  5. engages students with learning or accessing course content

For any technology tool you decide to use in your class, communicate to students, either in your syllabus or other means:

  • Indicate to students why you are using it
  • Provide detailed instructions for how to use it
  • Include options for technology help should it be needed.
  • Access to the tool’s privacy statement

Additional Resources

  • Use Technology for Courses: Learn about UMN academic technology tools, you can use to create and teach, or learn, with online resources in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.


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