1 Academic Unit Responsibility for Online Teaching Guidelines

It is recommended that academic units choose quality assurance guidelines to ensure the quality of their online programming. The academic unit may choose from among several frameworks (e.g., Quality Matters, Online Learning Consortium, UMN Learning Design and Online Teaching Effective Practices) or may develop their own. In the end, academic units are responsible for the adoption and use of guidelines.

If academic units develop their own guidelines, it is recommended that guidelines are thoroughly researched and evidenced-based, not overly prescriptive, and cover areas such as:

  • Online course design
  • Effective online engagement and teaching strategies
  • Accessibility and user experience
  • Course technology selection and usage

If you would like free professional consultation as part of your quality assurance process, contact the University of Minnesota’s TeachingSupport via email at TeachingSupport@umn.edu.


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