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Invitation to provide feedback on the Guidelines for Online Teaching and Design

The Guidelines have been collaboratively developed over a period of two years, and have received extensive feedback from a number of individuals, including faculty members, instructional designers, academic technologists, librarians, disabilities resources, media services and copyright specialists, and various administrators.  We would value your feedback in this survey in regards to the following questions:
  • Is anything unclear or confusing or difficult?

  • To what extent is it easy to follow?

  • Is there anything missing or needs more information?

  • Do you have feedback on the usability of this resource?

  • Is there anything we have overlooked from the point of view of your campus/college/program?

  • Where would you expect to find a resource like this?

  • Would you want help introducing this resource to your college or faculty?

We hope this will be a useful resource that benefits instructors and students across the UM system, and we value and appreciate your or your colleagues’ feedback.

Thank you!


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