19 How are Developmental Affirmations and Stages of Development connected?

Perhaps the easiest way to link the Developmental Affirmations with the stages of development is to compare a list of the affirmations with the list of jobs of that developmental stage.

I love you even when we differ, I love growing with you.

Structure — Stage 5


DIGGING DEEPER: try an activity that links the Affirmations to the Developmental tasks.

Here are the Developmental Affirmations for stage 4, Power and Identity, and the developmental tasks of that stage. Try doing this activity. It can lead to lots of thinking. If you are doing this as a group activity, don’t expect people’s diagrams (arrowed patterns) to match. People interpret things differently. That’s okay.


Jobs of the Child Activity - stage 4


Click here to download a PDF booklet of similar activities for all of the Stages.


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