11 What if you haven’t been offering these affirmations, and wish you had?

You can start now. Give them to yourself and others.

You can trust your inner wisdom.

Interdependence — Stage 7


DIGGING DEEPER: see how others may respond and how to proceed.

Some kids respond to these affirmations with, “I like that.” Some adults say, “That is a better way of talking.” If they say, “What’s this weird talk?” it may be time to change from talk to action. If children resist or say, “What’s this new stuff about?” You can answer, “Yes, this is new because it’s my job to find better ways to parent. That’s my job and not your choice, so give it a try.” Some children hassle or argue as a way to connect with parents and get their attention. If children need to hassle, to push, the affirmations provide a safe topic with which to do that.


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