24 Why were they identified?

  • In response to the requests from many parents and members of the health care professions.
  • To see if it would help busy adults to hear simple reminders of ways to be supportive of the child’s and their own important learning at each stage.
  • To remind parents and other caregivers to provide an environment in which people can absorb those learnings.

You can explore who you are and find out who other people are.

Identity and Power — Stage 4


DIGGING DEEPER: LEARN more about the goals of the Affirmation Project

From the time I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1948 until 1976, there was an upsurge of interest in learning about parenting. While information about child development and parenting was available, much of it was written in academic language or from a therapeutic perspective, or was too general to be widely helpful. Telling parents of adolescents to “keep lines of communication open” without suggesting how to do that would be useless advice if parents lack the communication skills or the understanding of child development to know how to keep those lines open.

The goal of the affirmations was to identify easily understood, quotable, positive, invitational messages to support growth at each stage of life.


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