15 Why use the colored oval disks? Why not just use the list of Affirmations?

Feel free to use both. People learn better when they engage more of their senses. If they see, hear and do something, they will retain more than if they only hear the message.

Click here to download a handout of the Developmental Affirmations.
Click here to download a handout of the Affirmation Ovals.


You can use all your senses when you explore.

Doing — Stage 2


DIGGING DEEPER: more on learning style preferences.

  • While visual learners learn well from lists, people who learn more easily by doing things with their hands, or by experiences, often discover that handling the ovals speeds their learning.
  • People don’t need to focus on all of the affirmations messages at one time, so using individual ovals helps some people identify the specific messages they need at the moment.
  • Many people like the comfort of knowing they have the whole list while they use the individual affirmation ovals. Others are overwhelmed by the list and find using a few ovals much more manageable.


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