5 Why would I want to use them?

These affirmations are life-supporting messages that give people hope and direction for growth and health. The Developmental Affirmations help support people of all ages navigate the learning of developmental tasks that are significant at each stage of life.

  • They can help us care for others and ourselves.
  • They can help build the foundation for both adults and children to make effective decisions about life.
  • They can help repair aspects of growth that were not well done the first time around.
  • They can offer adults a chance to evaluate old decisions and make some new ones.
  • They can remind parents and others to provide an environment that supports both children and adults in making these life-supporting decisions.
  • Affirmations are especially helpful for people who are going through periods of stress and uncertainty such as grief, job changes, developmental shifts, marriage, divorce or a new baby.

You can be interested in everything.

Doing — Stage 2


DIGGING DEEPER: additional areas of health and hope.

Any of us can draw strengths from the affirmations, especially those of us from family systems where the nurturing was uneven, families where substances were misused and/or children were neglected or abused. For those who are recovering from deficits in growing up, these affirmations offer a roadmap to recovery. For those who experienced hostility, rejection, or violence while growing up, these affirmations help one to learn about a childhood environment that would have been healthier. It’s never too late to heal those early wounds. The decisions we made about ourselves are lodged within our control. We can change them. We are in charge. We can use these affirmations to help us do that.

Incorporating these messages into our lives helps us raise our self-esteem and strengthen our internal core to improve our health. People reported that as they came to accept the affirmations on deeper and deeper levels, they became more productive, attractive, loving and joyful.


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