Module 10: Veterinary Ectoparasites

Module 10.4: Soft Ticks

Otobius megnini (Soft Tick)

The most important soft tick in North America is Otobius mengnini (spinose ear tick) that infects all domestic animals but is considered of a particular nuisance to livestock, especially to horse and alpaca owners.  The spinose ear tick is a one host tick. The larval and nymph stages are parasitic and live deep in the ear canal development. The nymphs fall off the host to molt to adults that live and mate in the environment.  This tick does not have a hard scutum and is considered a soft tick despite being armed with thousands of small spines throughout its integument.

Otobius mengnini (spinose ear tick)
Otobius mengnini (spinose ear tick)

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